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Holidaze Charcuterie Contest Winners & Finalists (with the ingredients used!)

UPDATE [Jan. 1, 2020]: The #charcuterie fans have spoken: After a week of voting, these finalist entries are the winners of our 2020 Holidaze Charcuterie Competition!  [Scroll down to view all 10 finalists, and the ingredients used in every finalist entry – bookmark this page so you can try one yourself and enter one of our 2021 contests (or just blow away your dinner guests!). Grand Prize Winner: Vanessa B. of Springdale, Arkansas. Follow Vanessa… Read More »Holidaze Charcuterie Contest Winners & Finalists (with the ingredients used!)

Seven Steps to a Beautiful Christmas Charcuterie Spread

Interested in making a holiday-themed Charcuterie platter? We found lots of ideas and examples online, and posted a bunch of them on our blog, along with the ingredients and even downloadable PDF instructions for many of them. Charcuterie boards are fun for everyone and make a great dinner, where family members and guests can snack to their bellies’ desire while you decorate Christmas cookies, stream that feel-good classic “Miracle on 34th Street,” or exchange gifts.… Read More »Seven Steps to a Beautiful Christmas Charcuterie Spread

Ideas for a Holiday Charcuterie Masterpiece

Below are some fantastic examples of festive holiday Charcuterie boards, each with instructions/ingredients below the photos!  If you try any of these or create your own, make sure you take a photo and enter our holiday Charcuterie competition! Christmas Wreath Charcuterie Board [From] Start by dividing all ingredients in half. On a 20 inch round board, using a clock face as a guide for placement, place prosciutto at 1 o’clock and 7 o’clock. Place… Read More »Ideas for a Holiday Charcuterie Masterpiece

How to make a kid-friendly christmas charcuterie board

Wondering how to include the picky-eater kids in your holiday Charcuterie plans? We found some great ideas online, the foremost being this one by CHEESES To make a Christmas charcuterie board that the kids will like, you may wish to avoid including anything with strong or stinky flavors or aromas. We recommend these: Monterey Jack: Cut some into Christmas trees using a cookie cutter, and dust those with dried parsley (fresh would be better)… Read More »How to make a kid-friendly christmas charcuterie board

Halloween Charcuterie Contest Winners

The #charcuterie fans have spoken! The winners of our Halloween Charcuterie competition as chosen by those voting last week are: Grand Prize: Jennifer D. of Naperville, Illinois Second Place: Karie S. of Fayetteville, Arkansas Third Place: Terrah G. of Cave Springs, Arkansas Congratulations to the winners! We’ve posted all the top ten finalists that were voted on, so you all can get some inspiration for next year’s competition! Thank you to everyone who participated and… Read More »Halloween Charcuterie Contest Winners

What’s the big deal about Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese?

One of Eureka Charcuterie’s most popular blue cheeses, Bayley Hazen Blue, is made by Jasper Hill Farm. In 2014, Bayley Hazen was voted the “World’s Best Unpasteurized Cheese” at the World Cheese Awards. This cheese is 100% a masterpiece of Jasper Hill. The milk comes from the farm’s Ayrshire cows. It is made into cheese at their creamery and then transported to the blue cheese vaults in their cellars for “affinage,” which is the final stage of cheesemaking. Jasper Hill Farm, the expansive dairy project hatched… Read More »What’s the big deal about Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese?

The cured pork known as ‘salmon ham’: Lachsschinken

One of the world’s best-known cured meats is lachsschinken, originating in the Bavaria region of Germany. Lachsschinken is a pork ham, even though its name in German literally translates to “salmon ham.” It is a very lean, mild tasting, pink-colored ham, not at all salty, and is often said to have a flavor similar to smoked salmon. In fact, Lachsschinken is even served like smoked salmon: sliced so thin you can almost see through it… Read More »The cured pork known as ‘salmon ham’: Lachsschinken