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Don’t feel bad about your cheese problem – it’s just science!

Do you have a cheese problem? (We sure do, so no judgment here!) Turns out there is a scientific explanation behind why we can’t help but love cheese. Researchers from the University of Michigan have revealed that cheese contains a chemical found in addictive drugs. Using the Yale Food Addiction Scale, designed to measure a person’s cravings, the study found that cheese is particularly lovable (and hard to turn down) because it contains casein. The… Read More »Don’t feel bad about your cheese problem – it’s just science!

What is Charcuterie & where did it come from?

Charcuterie (pronounced shar-COO-tur-ree) originally referred to a selection of cold cured meats, and it has been a food staple in Europe for over 500 years. Curing is a process that dries the meat out slowly, while preserving it with salt and spices – instead of modern-day preservative chemicals such as nitrates. So basically, curing with salt and spices cooks the meat and keeps it from going bad at the same time. Sometimes it can take… Read More »What is Charcuterie & where did it come from?

Eureka Charcuterie has everything you need to create a delicious Charcuterie board to suit any tastes and any budget.

Health Benefits of Charcuterie & the Grazing Lifestyle

Grazing – as defined for humans – means eating a variety of appetizers as a full meal, or eating snacks throughout the day in place of a few full meals. According to the American Dietetic Association and the European Food Information Council, eating more frequently throughout the day versus two or three full meals helps increase metabolism, increases concentration, helps lower cholesterol, cuts out on those after-meal slumps, helps control blood sugar, and lowers the… Read More »Health Benefits of Charcuterie & the Grazing Lifestyle

How to build a charcuterie board

The best aspect of Charcuterie boards is the flexibility they afford: Scale portions up or down depending on the number of guests, adjust ingredients for dietary needs and preferences, or include foods within a specific color palette or from a specific geographical region.  To get started, here’s a step-by-step guide [summarized from Better Homes & Gardens] on how to make a simple meat and cheese board from start to finish.  Elements of a Charcuterie Board… Read More »How to build a charcuterie board