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Eureka Charcuterie is the area’s only retail store dedicated to providing top-quality Charcuterie products – helping food-lovers learn about and enjoy the healthy and brain-stimulating benefits of “intentional snacking,” which we like to call the Grazing Lifestyle. We offer in-store and online sales, instructions for building a Instagram-worthy Charcuterie platter, and expert advice on how to spice up your table and impress your guests (and your tummy).

What Is

Charcuterie (pronounced shar-COO-tur-ree) originally referred to a selection of cold cured meats – preserved without requiring chemical additives – and it has been a food staple in Europe for over 500 years. Modern Charcuterie platters include cured meats, cheeses of all kinds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and specialty sweets like artisanal dark chocolates.

Why Choose Charcuterie?

Grazing – as defined for humans – means eating a variety of appetizers as a full meal, or eating snacks throughout the day in place of a few full meals. A “Grazing Lifestyle” is one where snacking is embraced and planned – indeed, with Charcuterie, preparing your food can be an art form, even. And it’s good for you in many surprising ways!

Learn To Build Fabulous Boards

A Charcuterie board (also called a platter) is easy and fun to build and can take a million different forms – reflecting your own taste preferences, meal plans, number of guests, and budget restraints. In fact, Charcuterie boards are one of the most flexible ways to feed – and impress – any number of guests, including a crowd with multiple dietary restrictions.

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Show us your Charcuterie – your Halloween themed Charcuterie, that is! EurekaCharcuterie.com invites all U.S. residents ages 18 and older to enter to win great prizes by submitting a photo and description of their Halloween-themed Charcuterie board, tray, or cone.