3-Piece Handcrafted Charcuterie Serving Bundle: Wooden Board, Bowl & Spreader


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Eureka Charcuterie now is offering his beautiful, handcrafted wooden Charcuterie set, including a Charcuterie board, cheese spreader, and small bowl – all for just $114.99.

Made by JK Woodworking of Quitman, Arkansas, every wooden piece is unique, handmade using reclaimed wood from fallen or storm-damaged trees in the Greers Ferry Lake area in north-central Arkansas. Craftsman John Kirkpatrick enjoys “giving nature a second chance” and leaves the varying marks and characteristics of the wood in each piece as much as possible, he says.

The board is made using Wild Cherry from Quitman and Eden Isle, Arkansas. As the Wild Cherry ages, it grows darker and richer in color. Even more striking are the bits of sap wood incorporated with the Wild Cherry, and many of these Wild Cherry boards will retain a mild, pleasant cherry scent for years. The spreader is hand-carved in the shape of a knife, made with all reclaimed wood, as is the bowl, which sits snugly inside a circular opening carved into the board. Each piece is unique, as the grain and shading of the wood will vary slightly from set to set.

Included with the set are instructions for care and cleaning.

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 15 × 5 in


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