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Gorgonzola Dolce is a high moisture blue cheese with less veining and a sweet, creamy, delicate flavor. Wonderful to spread on a fresh baguette or used in a sauce for pasta.  Meaning “sweet” in Italian, Gorgonzola Dolce is a soft, blue, buttery cheese made with pasteurized cow’s milk. The cheese took its name from a small town in Lombardy near Milan, where it said to have been born in the 12th century. It has a pale yellow, buttery and melty paste speckled with a homogeneous distribution of blue and green veins. The rind is compact, rough, hard and grey/pinkish in color but not edible. Flavors are not very assertive but sweet and mild, with notes of sour cream and lactic tang. It takes a minimum of 45 days aging to let Gorgonzola demonstrate its unique characteristics.

The cheese pairs well with a Tuscan Vin Santo and Champagne.

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Made from pasteurized cow’s milk
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Provinces of Alessandria, Bergamo, Biella, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Cuneo, Lecco, Lodi, Milano, Nova
Type: soft, artisan, blue-veined
Texture: creamy
Rind: natural
Color: pale yellow
Fat: 45-48%
Flavor: buttery, creamy, mild, sweet
Aroma: mild, milky
Vegetarian: no


Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in


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