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This dry-cured, cold-smoked pork loin perfectly highlights the skilled work and strict guidelines of our charcuterie meisters. As one of a small number of producers to craft this item in the US, Schaller & Weber is the only one to produce it to traditional German standards. Once the cut has been cured and smoked, it is then rolled in a hand-selected, thin layer of fat to lock in the moisture. As the Lachsschinken ages, the pork develops a flavor similar to smoked salmon. This unique meat should be chilled and sliced thin, and like lox can be served with cream cheese, onions and capers.

*This product is sold in packages weighing approximately 2 lbs at $33.41 per pound. Final package weight may vary slightly, by as much as a quarter-pound over or under, depending on the meat portion and muscle mass. The item cost initially authorized at time of purchase will reflect the upper end of that range, for 2.25 lbs, which equals the item cost listed here, $75.17. When your product is prepared and weighed, the charge to your payment card may decrease slightly to reflect the actual weight of your purchase.

Cured meats & specialty cheeses need to stay cool during shipping, so these products are shipped in special ‘cooler’ packaging to keep them fresh and chilled. We recommend the faster shipping methods among the options available during checkout.   

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