Naked Goat


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This fabulous 6-month-aged goat cheese from Spain is produced with Murciana goat’s milk. Naked Goat® is mild with a sweet finish, making it an ideal introductory goat cheese. It is also perfect for melting and shreds well also. A firm, oily variety that many might pass off as sheep’s milk at first glance, Naked Goat is surprisingly un-goat-like. Firm like Pecorino, oily like Manchego, and buttery like Fontina, Naked Goat is an enigmatic treat. Cheese novices will love its salty kapow, while weathered cheese lovers will adore its grassy followup.
Produced in the Murcia region of Spain, Naked Goat is tangy yet sweet, creamy yet firm, sheepy yet contains only goat’s milk. The goaty tang is still there, but it’s not nearly as obvious as is it in many other goat cheeses. Its texture is both tender and crumbly, much like a buttery shortbread.

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